Nigel Norton

Hi I’m the joint owner and the one you will most likely talk to on the phone. I started riding when I was 16 (now 60 in May 2013) on a BSA C15 (250cc) unfortunately I was too young to ride it to school in my 5th year unlike 5 of my class mates by rode to college as did most  . I started training in 1995 and was the 202nd person to pass the Driving Standards agency’s examination to teach students on large bikes. I have now been running my own company since 2000 and for the last 7 years jointly with Simon. Me myself I’m a petrol head and most likely travel far too fast  and have own/do own far too many cars and bikes, single handedly keeping car and bike sales staff in wages   Here below is just a few of the bikes I have own and one (my current car with a bike engine in it)