Students cancelling their course must give 14 days notice to change or have a refund on a full test course and 1 clear working day notice on a CBT (cancel by 18.00 Thursday for a CBT on Saturday), after which a refund cannot be given. Refunds will NOT be given or dates changed if students fail to bring the appropriate documentation on CBT. Deposits are also non refundable.

As of 14/08/17 final payment for course will be due 7 days prior to course start date.

Students MUST have a good understanding of English before booking, if we are in any doubt then the training will be terminated and no refund given, any further training will be chargeable . Students MUST also have a UK driving license.

Suitable clothing for riding must be worn at all times ,ie; Helmet , Jacket, Gloves, along with jeans, firm drill cotton trousers, boots, leather trainers acceptable on CBT only. Boots or leather footwear with ankle protection is only acceptable on the full courses.If students turn up in sandals, plimsolls, shorts, three-quarter length trousers leggings or skirts etc we have the right to refuse entry onto our training ground and will be sent home with no refund.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

On arrival at our site once Licenses have been checked you will be given an Indemnity Form to complete with a few details:

Acknowledging you are aware of the hazardous nature and voluntarily accept the risks.

You are aware that we have a zero tolerance policy on aggressive behaviour or abuse to anyone which can lead to us terminating the course/CBT

Norton Motorcycle and Scooter Training bikes are covered by insurance with an excess of up to £750 payable by the student for any damage to ours or 3rd party property, however caused however minor and paid for up to the excess at the TIME of damage, CBT certificates will be held or courses will terminated with no recompense to the student.

Petrol is included on CBT .

Petrol is NOT included on any of our full DAS courses and is the responsibility of the students.

Your driving license is valid and has the correct entitlement allowing you to ride the bike ( specific to the course) on a public road and are not banned or prevented to do so.

Your are in good health and not suffering from any medical condition or ailment that would make it unsafe to complete the course and ride on the public road.

Students unable to complete their booked course, have inappropriate paper work or their own bike is defective will be charged at our standard rates for any additional training.

UNATTENDED courses will be charged in FULL and deposits non refundable

Norton Motorcycle and Scooter Training strives to ensure all elements of courses are completed in full, but events outside our control cannot be compensated for (i.e. weather conditions; Driving Standard Agency cancellations).

The Norton Motorcycle and Scooter Training leaflet/web site is conditional to the booking.

Students MUST have read and understood the Highway Code before attending the courses.

Payment of any balance will be due prior to commencing training. We do not accept cheques , American Express or Electron.

CBT only courses are priced for one days training plus an extra day as per our FAQ, any additional days required will be charged at our standard rates

No responsibility will be taken if students give inaccurate or misleading information resulting in an inappropriate course being booked and the CBT is for the first day only, should you not reach the required standard this will put the rest of the course in jeopardy resulting in the remaining course cost being lost. We would always recommend that novice students only book the CBT at first.

A 3 day course is for somebody who can already confidently ride a 125cc Manual Machine to a high standard – A 4 day course is for somebody who in the past has ridden to a reasonable standard but would need a day to regain their ability to confidently ride a 125cc Manual machine – a 5 day course is for somebody with a little experience in road riding and is a current road user. 6+ day courses are also available. As of the 1st September petrol is not included in the price of a full course and is the responsibility of the students.

Please remember that as we get older thing can take a little longer to learn and that intensive courses are mentally and physically tiring. Motorcycling can be dangerous Norton Motorcycle and Scooter Training cannot accept liability for any injuries sustained.

Theory Test

As of the 14th November 2002 along with the Highway Code questions there will be a Hazard Perception Test.

Learning material is available online and Apps available for smart phones, along with books and cd roms from shops